Bringing youth with special needs together with those who are 'typical' through the advent of extreme sports, like skateboarding, is what we do. The growth of the social enterprise from a skateboarding school in 2016 into its next phase as a competitive skateboard league further realizes a central mission of uniting different facets of the community in service to one another.

Under the auspices of developing real-world life skills, our current offering of a skateboard league compliments the vision of being a brother and sisters keeper in an adventurous way. 

We are increasing the league within Fairfield County, Connecticut and surrounding areas at this time. Stay tuned for further developments being organized, such as the creation of a Parkour curriculum.

The Scalzi Originals Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit entity and hosts the American Originals Skateboard League. Its founder is Coach Bill Stowell-Alonso.

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