The foundation's director is Coach Bill. A Special Educator who's focus is on building community that revitalizes neighborhoods, empowers individuals, and gives support to others who are like-minded. 

The foundation's work has many outlets, is dynamic, and creative:

1.We work directly 1:1 at the home and community of typical folk, talented and gifted individuals, those on the autism spectrum, with Downs Syndrome, Intellectual Disabilities, and varied special needs. The coaching work encompasses the toning and instruction of critical thinking, including the practice of public speaking, writing, as a means to of instilling civic duty and greater participation in the democratic process. Likewise, as a component of the coaching, the personal physical training of individuals is offered through the lens of developing executive function skills.

2. Likewise, the Scalzi Originals Foundation creates inclusive sports programs, including skateboarding, movement therapy, calisthenics, swimming, basketball, tennis, and soccer, which bring together typical individuals and those with special needs in collaboration with towns and cities. Peer mentoring is an integral component, as is executive function skill development.

3. Moreover, the foundation takes on neighborhood areas that are neglected and seeks to revitalize them through the collaboration of local individuals, family, and city/ town governments.

4. Finally, the creation and development of skateboarding parks is a major end goal.  Skateboarding parks create the conditions to tone executive function skills, motor skills, and social skills, while creating a zone where people of different ethnicities, religion, political views, and walks of life can enjoy being a community together while being in the same space.

The Founder

Coach Bill Stowell is a Dad, a Special Educator, Political Scientist, and writer focused on strengthening community, and being a source of empowerment to individuals.

What We Do