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Rhythm & Movement is a therapeutic movement practice that emotional regulates, works on functional balance, and changes your mindset. Great for senior citizens, those in rehabilitation, or parents/ First Responders, professionals/ veterans who have experienced prolonged stress/ trauma. Group classes can be scheduled.

Post-high school and college students with Downs Syndrome and Intellectual Disability maintain intellectual rigor with a creative writing class. Work published online. Special Educator Coach Bill leads the sessions in Tribeca (Manhattan) and Rye, NY. Maximum 8 students.

The Manhattan Originals Skateboarding School is expanding from Tribeca to Pier 62 Skateboard  Park. Sunday's. Individual and small group classes. Ages 3 through adulthood. Tone executive function skills, grit, confidence, and have fun.

Rye Originals Skateboard School. An inclusive skateboard executive function school]. Grit, emotional control, and determination. For typical youth and adults and those with special needs (autism spectrum, Downs Syndrome, behavioral).

Basketball and Pilates for youth with special needs at the Stamford, Ct. Jewish Community Center. Peer coaching, basketball drills and play, core-conditioning.

Art & Music before dinner and a conversation.

Special Educator Coach Bill delivers a concierge and chaperone service, complete with hired car service. Adults on the autism spectrum, Intellectual Disability or Downs Syndrome integrate into the Fairfield/ Westchester County and Manhattan night life. Maximum 6 guests.

Building a complimentary community ecosystem for adults with Downs Syndrome, on the autism spectrum, or with Intellectual Disability is integral for the well-being of all. Special Educator Coach Bill teams up with Greenwich Racquet Club Pro Ricardo Leon in leading a group tennis program.  Maximum capacity is 6 players/ hour.