Lectures with Coach Bill calendar dates:

1. October 19, 2018: Frederick Douglass and the 'Thought Amplification Machine'. At the EdgeHill Senior Living Community in Stamford, Ct.

​2. December 20, 2018: The Women's Rights Movement: 150 Years of  Five Dimensional Chess. At the EdgeHill Senior Living Community in Stamford, Ct.

​​​Current Scalzi Originals Foundation projects:

1. Special Needs Father's Class: A Coach Bill-instructed class guiding Dad's in strategies, activities, and instructional approaches. Listening, sharing, and personalized home programs. Starting 1/9/18 in Rye, NY Parks and Rec building, 7-8 pm on Wednesday's

2. Rye Originals Skateboarding Schoolwith Coach Bill and advanced skateboarding coaches. September-December 2018 at Rye, NY Parks and Rec.

3.Special Olympians 3-IN-1 Sports Class for youth with Special Needs with Coach Bill at the Jewish Community Center, Stamford, Ct. 

4. Punta Las Marias Park creation in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A social enterprise project to develop a skateboarding park, garden and fishing zone.

Signature petition page:


Facebook page: Punta Las Marias Skatepark, San Juan, Puerto Rico


5. Rhythm and Movement with Coach Bill at 9 senior citizen assisted living communities across Fairfield County, Ct.

6. Executive Function Skills Coaching At Your Home/  community for youth, adults, and senior citizens with special needs. Can include Cognitive behavioral therapy/ executive function skills training/ fitness training, job coaching, writing and public speaking.

7.Rhythm and Movement with Coach Bill at Arc of Westchester.For adults with special needs, (Downs Syndrome, Intellectual Disability). (Starting October 25, 2018.)

8. Lights for Scalzi: Initiative for Scalzi Skatepark in Stamford, Ct.; to organize community and work with the local government to place light posts at the skatepark for night time skateboarding. 

Signature petition page:


Facebook page: ScalziOriginals.US


Projects In the Works...

​1. Tennis All Stars for adults with Downs Syndrome in Greenwich, Ct. at the Greenwich Racquet Club with Tennis Pro Ricardo Leon and Special Educator Coach Bill.

Starting Winter 2019, Wednesday's, 2-3 pm.

Want to sign up or learn more?

Email scalzioriginalsfoundation@gmail.com

2. All Star Chefs for adults with Downs Syndromein Fairfield County, CT. / Westchester County, NY.

3. Night On The Town: Dinner & Theater social nights, with transportation for adults with Downs Syndrome.

4​.Core-interval training & flag football for adults with special needs. Fairfield County, Ct.