Punta Las Marias Park Project 

 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Letter to Governor of Puerto Rico Wanda Vazquez Garced, 4/15/20

Message sent to Puerto Rico's Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, 4/ 14/20

Notes on Finding Legal Ownership of Punta Las Marias Skatepark 

The Puerto Rico Beautification Project is a multi-phase citizenship initiative to serve and support healthy, family-friendly communities across the United States of America.

August 12, 2021 Open Letter to Governor Pedro Pierluisi published on Twitter @scalzioriginals.us & facebook at Parque Punta Las Marias

10/23/18 Final communication from the Municipality of San Juan to Scalzi Originals Foundation. They did not return emails after this.

 Mission: Collaborate with community to develop a skateboarding park, garden and fishing zone.

Summary of Project​

​Before fund-raising towards the building of a concrete skateboard park, fishing zone and garden area, the correct legal pathway to rightfully build on the land is being sought out. As it is the proprietary title of ownership of the Atlantic Ocean side facing park was left in limbo upon the death of its last owner. 

At this moment, though at least two banks are seeking ownership of the land, and the municipal government of the area is seeking to also claim ownership of it, the effects of recurring waves of  environmental, and community activists have resisted any new construction on the territory, except for its beautification, as can be seen in its murals, basic skateboarding ramps, and defect garden and fishing zone.

A collage of art, skateboarders, fishermen, senior citizens, parents are existent at all times. The Atlantic Ocean and San Juan skyline flank the northern boundary of the park like a live postcard. An unpaid gardner curates the growth and diversity of planted trees and vegetation. The remnants of a $7000 personal investment from a Dentist is clearly seen in the concrete ramps that have been the last installments in what has become an iconic must-see place to visit in Puerto Rico.  Bring a fishing rod or a skateboard.

An essay will be published soon, complete with interviews and introductions to the community work of  "the Dentist, the Gardner, and the Bohemian Community Activist."


The municipality of San Juan has been quiet and the forward motion to legally raise funds in order to create a quality skatepark, fishing area, and appropriate funds towards the community care taking of a garden system is awaiting fresh energy. The Scalzi Originals Foundation seeks to maintain its present artistic expression, yet add skateboard ramps, a skate bowl, benches, waste and recycling bins, and a true platform for fishing, replete with a guard rail.

No one owns the land, according to extensive research done by the foundation, though the municipality of San Juan would not mind taking it, but the cultural and community presence would again bring any of those efforts to a halt. Can we move forward and make it nicer?


As an extra, volunteer assignment, and through the auspices of a Spanish language class, Robinson School high school students will be initiating essay writing collaboration with Coach Bill of the Scalzi Originals.

Robinson School of Puerto Rico & the Scalzi Originals Foundation are collaborating on understanding the value and benefit that the Punta Las Marias project can have on the community. We are planning class discussion & writing on themes as Empathic Capitalism, Social Entrepreneurship, financial literacy, disruptive innovation, and finally, the practice of blog/ essay-writing project  in the Spanish language. 

The Governor and Mayor have been written a formal letter seeking their input into the formalization of a multi purpose skatepark, garden, and fishing area. 

The local public safety municipal office in San Juan followed through on a Scalzi Originals Foundation request to consider the four parcels of Atlantic-Ocean adjacent land as not physically safe for community residents, due to old-construction iron rebar and walls that could fall. They filed the formal request, then looked into the matter last summer 2018 and concluded that the legally-contested land can enter a slow appropriation process by the city of San Juan.

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