Pickelball is tennis & ping pong with a wiffle ball and hard rackets. It is played on a tennis court with a smaller, portable net, with usually two players competing against another two players.

One tennis court can typically hold two games, for a total of 8 players in action.

Though the ball moves slower than a tennis ball, the tactical, 'up close' pace makes for a social, fun atmosphere that is relaxed, yet athletic.

As a Special Educator & Political Scientist who is interested in bringing forth practical, community-integrating activities for youth, adults, and senior citizens, both typical and those with gifts, talents, and special needs, --I find that playing pickle ball satisfies the novelty, fun, and executive function skill strengthening, athletic needs for people.

Stay connected with this page to see where Coach Bill will finally be able to start the class, in collaboration with a town's Parks & Recreation office.


All Star PickleBallers Club