Presentations, workshops, and town hall discussions with Coach Bill :

  1. The 21st American Citizen: The Individual Empowerment of Being Dynamic, Community-Minded, & Financially Independent.



​The Scalzi Originals Foundation works 1:1 and in group with youth, adults, and senior citizens who are typical, with special needs,  and/ or with 'special gifts & talents.'

 New York City Originals Skateboard School: 

Special Educator Coach Bill instructs classes in  Pier 62, NYC. 
Executive Functions skills training while toning

Grit, perseverance, and bravery in less than one hour.

Email for rates.


Current Projects:

 (As of  June 20, 2022)







The Renaissance Class: Fitness, Public Speaking, & Writing

​ Special Educator Coach Bill guides typical adults and those with  special needs in an integrative community class focusing on developing total fitness strength & cardio-health, along with establishing executive function skill development, oratory skills emphasis to address verbal 
expression, essay writing training, and personalized job training, when applicable.

Strong bodies, strong minds, active citizens. 

  Class size 1-4 students
  Group rate if 2 or more students in class: $130/hr
  1:1 classes are $150/hr

Rhythm and Movement with Coach Bill

 Rhythm & Movement is an integrated class
 for typical adults and individuals with special needs. 

Training available for typical senior citizens and those who are memory-impaired also.

Increases quality of life and changes the muscular, emotional, mental, 
and skeletal 'story' from the inside out.

Group rate if 2 or more students in class: $130/ 60 minutes
Class rate for 1 student in class: $150 / 60 minutes

Open to the public​​

Special Educator Coach Bill: Dynamic Training 

  Integrative individual and group coaching for typical youth, adults, and senior citizens, and those with special needs. 

Smart mind and body training.

1:1 or group

Customized, versatile programs & routines, including 'renaissance' training. 
Executive functions skills are toned, through versatile activities. 

Open to the public​​, including those on the Autism Spectrum, with Down Syndrome, attentional or behavioral deficits/ challenges, Cerebral Palsy, 
Intellectual Disability, and/ or talented and gifted

​ 1:1 rate $150/ 60 minutes
Group rate if 2 or more students in class: $130/ 60 minutes

Rye Originals Skateboarding School​

Spring, Summer, Autumn at Rye Skate Park

Special Educator Coach Bill coaches typical and special needs integrated group classes. Students practice executive function skills, develop core and leg strength,  socialize with peers, and experience a strong sense of accomplishment. 

The practice of skateboarding hones functional balance and supports the perspective of a champion mindset.

Sign up through the Rye, NY Parks and Recreation website.

Community Entrepreneurs: The Individual Economic Engines in the 21st Century

Be versatile & dynamic in the establishment & continuity of a new company, or champion a worthwhile cause for the well-being of the community that is financially sustainable.

​Students in this class will also do rigorous exercise to create and sustain energy.

Involves  writing, marketing, public speaking, studying accomplished entrepreneurs, and community outreach to launch company endeavor.

For typical adults and those with special needs.

$150/ hour if 1 student in class

$130/ hour if 2 or more students in class

$130/ hour if online 1:1 or group