The Washington Originals,


The Washington Originals was an all-sports venture, free to youth residents of the Washington Village Housing project. Special Educator Coach Bill would visit the housing project and do the rounds calling on parents and their kids to bring them out to an adjacent field for basic sports on Saturday's. The initiative began as a response to the lack of community services for the families living at or below the economic poverty line. 

The venture ended a few months after the city of Norwalk's closure of the field which was deemed an environmental hazard due to it being previously used as a car oil, fuel waste zone.  

It was the only field available to the immediate neighborhood and had been fashioned into a baseball field with an open-air amphitheater and basketball court. At the time of the start of the Washington Originals, it had been a notorious drug point zone three blocsk away from the Norwalk Police headquarters.

​Coach Bill continued to visit and play basketball with the kids within the Village until many of the residents were displaced to make way for a new , slightly more upscale housing project.