​​​​​Scalzi Originals Foundation, since 2015

Coach Bill is a Dad, Community Entrepreneur, a Special Educator, American Political Scientist, and writer with a B.A. in Political Science & M.A. in Special Education with 18 years of work experience in the field of Special Education across the USA; including Boston, Hawai'i, Marthas Vineyard, Puerto Rico, Florida, New York, and Connecticut. 

He has worked with public school systems, town governments,  counseling centers, families & individuals since 2003.

Martin Luther King, The Professional Christian

Rare is the individual who sets aside self-interest in favor of doing what ought to be done for the betterment of others. Even rarer is the sharpening of an individual's intellect with purpose to see good prevail as they endure opposition. 

The student asked, "Why was Martin Luther King happy?" The instructor answered, because he was doing the work that he ought to do--he had peace in his heart, and that made him happy.

This was primary to the smart, reasonable passion of Martin Luther King.

Special Educators who work directly in and for the community must be versatile, innovative, dynamic, and ready to work.

Mission Statement

The Special Educator

The Scalzi Originals Foundation  is at the crossroads of political science and special education. Its mission is to build & strengthen individuals and families and also creating and beautifying community ecosystems. 

The foundation offers direct services also to youth, adults, & senior citizens, in a number of capacities and modalities.

Coach Bill directs the focus and the instructional approach, the creation of programs, and the innovative push to supply the needs of local communities in practical ways that create an alternative to traditional programs offered.

The foundation has work projects & patrons in Fairfield County, Ct., Westchester County, NY, Manhattan, NYC, Puerto Rico, and Marthas Vineyard, Ma.

​Build ecosystems & individuals

to strengthen & sustain

integrated community health. 

For typical Youth, Adults, & Senior Citizens, 
and those with special needs.